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Our Facilities

The School Campus:
The school campus is spacious and secure. There are always teachers on duty to take care of children during the break, at start of the day as well at the end of the day. The class rooms are well decorated with educational charts providing the students a better learning environment.

Kindergarten Area:
The kindergarten section provides intensive care to the little ones. It has been planned, designed and decorated keeping in view the psychology of kids. All the necessary equipment are provided to play within the kindergarten section. Each classroom is provided with audio and visual aids including a TV and DVD player to combine fun with Learning.

A large and updated school library for the senior sections caters to the needs of all the students. A wide range of books help the students find appropriate information necessary in their studies and projects. The inception of library for the junior section was welcomed warmly not only by the students but also the parents. The students are showing their deep interest to improve their reading skills. The teachers are also organizing different activities to improve their communicative skills.

Science Laboratories:
The school has modern and well-equipped laboratories for Biology, Physics, Chemistry and ICT for purpose of enhancing practical applications, demonstrations and experiments. Minor science experiments are conducted in the classes (5-8) to give a practical approach to the subject. The senior students are regularly taken to the labs for practicals.

Computer Labs:
Latest and high performance computers are provided for the students of all classes. There are four separate computer labs for the junior and senior sections respectively. The school has the honor to be the first school to conduct the IGCSE IT examination practicals in its own computer labs. We also have the internet facility for the students to explore and update their knowledge.

Medical Care:
The school has a well-equipped medical room. Full time nurses are employed to attend any medical problem and accident that happens. Students also undergo regular medical checkups.

Multipurpose Halls:
The multipurpose halls (Jinnah and Sbah) provided with stage, sound and lighting equipment to support various school events like debates, fancy dress shows and national day ceremonies etc.

The school has a mosque within the campus where students as well as teachers offer prayers. 

Art and Craft:
The school has highly skilled art teachers who stimulate and motivate the students to utilize and enhance their artistic talent and creative skills.